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Elyse Myers is a TikTok client who actually ended up being more known on the web resulting to sharing her dating experiences in Taco Bell.

The separate video has acquired over 4.7 million perspectives at the hour of this composition. Many individuals have discovered the story energizing and interesting as Myers described it amusingly.

Elyse Myers Merch

Grape Therapy: The Awko-taco Bachelorette Recap With Elyse Myers

Elyse Myers, most popular as the young lady who paid for 100 tacos on the most off-kilter very first date and who likewise makes entertaining recordings of her significant other “not watching” The Bachelorette, joins Kaitlyn to recap the current week’s episode of Michelle’s season!

In any case, before they get to that, they jump into how in the world the taco circumstance became, how she got out alive, how she gets herself in these absurd circumstances, and how she met her significant other at the meat counter and quickly realized he was “the one” since he was wearing “house garments”.

Elyse Myers Merchandise

Then they hop into examining the outright wreck that is Jamie on the current week’s episode of The Bachelorette, including his thought process on the off chance that he shut his eyes no one could see him. Elyse’s significant other has a few last words for Peter and it’s completely wrapped up with a “1” to “Taco” rating on some vino-submitted abnormal minutes. You can track down Elyse Myers on IG @elyse_myers and on TikTok at @elysemyers CHINET – Chinet Brand makes premium dispensable flatware for life’s social affairs as a whole. Visit mychinet.com to figure out more. CANVA – Design like a master with Canva Pro!