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TikTok star, web developer, and songwriter known for her comedic storytime videos, singing content, and comedic observations. Her videos are often social, involving her friends and family. She also frequently interacts with her audience in the comment section. Her elysemyers TikTok has over 6 million followers.

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Elyse Myers

Elyse Myers is a writer and comedian who rose to prominence as a digital content provider. Elyse has been dubbed “The Internet’s Best Friend” as she continues to serve her audience of over 5 million people with relatable stories, twisted Q&A’s over coffee, and by finding the extraordinary in seemingly ordinary moments, all while creating a space to shine a light on what makes life fun (though sometimes downright painful).

Elyse leans on her comic influences (Melissa McCarthy, Chris Farley, Amy Poehler, Nate Bargetze) to express her own point of view on the world as a 28-year-old new mom who is really honest and vulnerable.

Elyse advocates for a variety of issues, including body image, ADHD, anxiety, impostor syndrome, and others, by allowing herself to be seen in an unfiltered and authentic manner.

Elyse worked as a web developer before pursuing comedy full-time, and she takes her knowledge and passion for user experience to her current job. Elyse now lives in Nebraska with her husband and their small boy. Aerie, Hulu, Dunkin’ Donuts, Audible, Quaker Oats, and many other brands have recently collaborated with her.

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