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Social Media Comedian Elyse Myers’ Tiktoks Are As Real As It Gets

In Elite Daily’s Life Behind the Likes series, we converse with individuals you know on the web to figure out who’s truly behind the screens. In this piece, we talk with comic Elyse Myers, whose genuineness keeps you snickering on TikTok.

How might you respond assuming you got together with somebody you coordinated with on a dating application and they continued to arrange 100 tacos at a Taco Bell drive-through — and afterward requested that you pay? This is by and large the sort of ridiculous circumstance Elyse Myers has found (and keeps on winding up) in. The 28-year-old entertainer on TikTok is known for engaging her 4.1 million devotees with odd yet interesting tales about off-kilter minutes from her life.

It’s not only Myers’ apparently unending inventory of stories that keep you stuck to her TikTok account; it’s the means by which she tells them. In a refreshingly stripped-down approach, Myers appears on the application similarly as, in actuality, frequently donning a comfortable hoodie or loose tee, a chaotic bun, and an espresso close by to assist with filling her stories. “There’s a ton on the web and in life that is so quick,” Myers tells Elite Daily. “I think individuals feel attracted to me since it seems like I’m simply hitting stop through their screen and saying, ‘We’re about to sit briefly. I will recount my life, and afterward you can return to all the wildness.'” She talks sincerely in her TikToks, with a dry, empty tone. Wandering from the application’s wealth of impacts, her main visual guides are a line of decisively positioned emoticons and GIFs, with individual photographs showing up now and again.

Myers’ Coffee Talk recordings are similarly however engaging as they seem to be amusing, whether she’s relating her public talking messes (like when she cited Forrest Gump for a task that required her to pick an official statement) or exploring corporate email strings (she incidentally sent “I’m ailing” rather than “I’m perished” in answer to a joke from her undeniable level directors at a worldwide food administration organization).

In the same way as other of us, she got into TikTok during the most obscure pieces of 2020 — yet it was in October 2021 that she hit parody gold with one of her Coffee Talk recordings. It’s what the vast majority of the web might know her for: her notorious terrible date story where she purchased a man 100 tacos at a Taco Bell drive-through (he failed to remember his wallet). Whenever they drove back to his home to eat, he hollered “We should eat!” as loud as possible. His father appeared, snatched a taco, and inquired as to whether she needed to see his studio; what followed was an exceptionally off-kilter quietness, and afterward Myers went out, with the leftover tacos in general — all things considered, she got them. As of March 2022, the video has 22.6 million perspectives and 3.3 million preferences.
The Taco Bell date story is normal for the well disposed narrating and speedy mind that runs all through her recordings. It’s a triumphant combo — the video impelled her to 1 million devotees in a week and a half. “My feeling of dread toward simply being a dud sort of blurred, and it was like, ‘Indeed, I can keep on interfacing with individuals along these lines,'” she says existing apart from everything else.

Myers’ realism isn’t just about triumphing when it’s all said and done — she likewise talks really about rehearsing positive self-talk, her tension, and ADHD. “I truly maintain that individuals should get a total feeling of who I am,” she says. “A ton of the normal exhortation from individuals [about content creation] is to track down your specialty and afterward stay there,” says Myers, who additionally films spoofs, flexes her unscripted television information, and could sing and play the guitar. “I’m truly opening up my life to individuals to see everything — my family, music, narrating, my affection for unscripted television, my ADHD — every last bit of it.”

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